Products & Gear

As an outdoor enthusiast, I’ve come to love particular gear and products and want to share them with others.  It always stinks when you’re unsure what to buy and have to go through a few trials before finding something good.  So here, in a nutshell, are things I personally recommend for the brand new and seasoned hiker.


This website offers all sorts of outdoor products and gear, from clothing to climbing essentials, camping tents to stand-up paddle boards, multi-tools to outdoor footwear, this site seriously has it all.  And the best part?  It’s ALL discounted!  All you have to do is sign up – that’s it! Totally free and you have access to some seriously discounted outdoor goods.  I’m always on the lookout for camping supplies, packs, and hiking shoes and this site it always the place I check first.

HAMMOCKS: Eagle Nest Outfitters / Trek Light

From my experience with camping hammocks, quality is of the utmost importance.  Yes, you do have to pay a little more for high quality material, but it is definitely always worth it!!  Also, make sure to get strong cords to tie your hammock up with – it makes all the difference!  I highly recommend ENO’s Atlas Suspension Straps for this, regardless of the brand of hammock you have (which I personally recommend ENO or Trek Light).


I personally use Merrell’s Pace Glove as my barefoot trail running shoe of choice, but barefoot shoes are really an individual preference thing.  I find that these give me incredible support while still allowing me to feel the ground beneath me.  You can usually get a pair super cheap when Dick’s Sporting Goods runs sales.

HIKING PACKS: Black Diamond

I am currently using a Black Diamond pack as my camping and overnight hiking pack.  It did me well in the snowy mountains during the holidays and has also held up well in the heat in Florida.  The model I use is no longer sold by Black Diamond, but they have a great variety of packs for all different types of outdoor activities.  Mine is about 55-57L and has worked wonders on trips that last a few nights.  (BONUS TIP: this type of pack is great for travel, as it’s small enough to carry on a plane and, even if the overhead bins are “full,” you can always manage to find a spot for it since it’s narrow!)


I actually use Burton snowboarding pants for when I go hiking in the snow.  They’re super lightweight but durable and extremely warm.  Since they’re made for movement while snowboarding, they’re a great fit for winter time hikes, too.



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